How to approve a youtube video

Youtube Video Approval

By default all youtube videos accessed on your school network are filtered.  If you would like to have students watch a video that you feel is appropriate follow the instructions below.

Be sure to preview all videos you approve in their entirety.  Youtube videos often contain inappropriate content which is why they are being filtered in the first place.  

If you are previewing videos for use in the classroom you can approve them as you research.  If you approve a video that has content not suitable for students, make sure after you discover this to click the box under the video that says “remove”.  Otherwise the video will remain open for all students.

  1. From your teacher machine NOT THE STUDENTS navigate to to the blocked video

    1. To approve youtube videos you must be signed in to your school email account.

      1. if you are signed in there will be a box under the right corner of the video that says “approve”

        1. Click on approve

      1. if you are not signed in, on the upper right click on “sign in” and sign in with your teacher email account the box to approve will appear - click it

  1. For a student to see an approved video:

    1. The student must sign in to youtube with an approved school email account.

      1. have the student go to the youtube video you want them to view

      2. sign in - on the upper right of the page with their school email account

      3. student will now be able to view the approved video

  2. If you approve a video that has inappropriate content - make sure you click the "remove" button after you have previewed it.

Our google apps for education account keeps a detailed history of which videos have been approved and who has approved them.


If you continue to have difficulty getting a youtube video to be approved please submit a tech request including the URL (web address) of the video you are trying to access.

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