Time Tag Pivot Tables - Mac Instructions

Reports to Calculate Employee’s Days Worked

  • In Time Tag go to reports and select the users you want to access data on.

    • type their names and select all you want

      • choose the date range you are interested in

        • ie:  all time • or this month your choice

      • Select details

        • choose by user by day

        • export to csv the results

  • Drop on excel or open excel and import data and choose the csv file you just exported

    • select the data you are working with:  A1 to bottom right of data

      • click once on A1 then scroll to bottom right of data and “shift click”

    • choose pivot table and make the following selections.

      • duration minutes - “drag” - put in summation / values box (bottom right)

      • date - put in Row labels

      • user - put in Report Filter

      • category - put in Report Filter

        • *** important - Leave Column Labels Blank

    • To calculate ½ days and full days based on 3.75 hr ½ work day & 7.5 hr full work day

      • Enter the following formula at the bottom of the first user column

      • =IF(B6>=450, 1, IF(B6>=225, 0.5, 0))

        • in this example: B6 is the first cell with time worked in it.

        • Select your employee and print the single sheet for them.

  • Conditional Formatting to make data “jump”

    • To highlight the entries below 450 minutes

      • Go to "conditional formatting" under Format

        • choose 2 color

          • min number 449.99

          • max number 450

            • choose colors or leave alone



  • Format the spreadsheet in any format you want

    • add any data you want to type beside or below


  • there you go


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