Time Tag Date Conversion Instructions

  1. Download Time Tag data to csv and open in Excel

  2. Insert a column to the right of date and Title the Column “New Date”

  3. Select all Dates in the “Date” column ie: from e2 …. To the bottom

  4. Under the Data tab in Excel - Choose Text to Columns

    1. Select delimited text - then choose next

    2. Check the box “Other” and enter a / in the empty box

    3. Deselect the check box on tab

    4. Then choose next

  5. Choose destination in the spreadsheet

    1. Choose 3 columns, ie:  M2 to O2  

    2. Click on finish

      1. This has split your date data into 3 columns

  6. Click in probably F2 the first empty cell in your blank column you inserted in step 2 above

    1. Start your formula:

      1. =m2&”/”&n2&”/”o2

        1. Hit enter and you should have an American Date format

      2. Fill the formula down, double click the blue dot in the bottom right of F2 and it will fill down automatically.   

    2. Then delete the old date column probably column E

  7. Then proceed to Time Tag instructions


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